• PLB-100 Line Boring Attachment

PLB-100 Line Boring Attachment

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PLB-100 Line Boring Attachment
Easy to install and operate on CH-100 line hone or CHV-31 dual-tech hone, and costs thousands of dollars less than a line boring machine
*38.1mm hard chrome bar with tool bit holes on 127mm centers, length 1220mm.
*auto feed with 4 ranges, 0.05;0.1;0.15 and 0.2mm per revolution
*positive feed screw drive
*hand feed for thrust face matching
*spring load tool bit for easy adjustment
*universal mounting flange for various car and light truck applications
*Most V6&V8 blocks do not require universal mounts
*small block centering bushing standard
*lightweight 6.8kg plus bar

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