• Valve Seats Boring Machine BV60

Valve Seats Boring Machine BV60

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Valve Seat Boring Machine Model: BV60 with high availability meets the requirements of boring, reaming 

and cutting machining for high accuracy valve guides and valve seats. Light boring head of patent-based design

 is equipped with triple air flotation device, self-centering system and spindle motor. Designed specially for repairing 

small-sized engine and compound-cylinder engine used on motorcycle and automobile. To reach the requirements 

of high precision machining for valve guides with a small diameter of 4mm.


Main Specifications 



Type of Drive   System

Air / Electric

Max. Length of   Cylinder Head

1200 mm

Max. Width of   Cylinder Head

500 mm

Max. Height of   Cylinder Head

450 mm

Max. Boring   Dia.

16 – 60 mm

Work Head Longitudinal   Floating Travel

930 mm

Work Head Cross   Floating Travel

40 mm

Sphere –   Cylinder Travel

10 mm

Floating   inclination angle of Spindle


Vertical Travel   of Spindle

200 mm

Power of   Spindle

0.4 kW Servo   Motor

Spindle Speed

100 – 1200 rpm   stepless

Power of Tools   Grinder

0.12 kW

Tools Grinder   Rotation Speed

2800 rpm

Clamper Rotary Angle

+ 42°/ -15°

Required Rated Air   Pressure

6 Bar / 85 PSI

Required Max.   Air Flow

300 L / Min

Required   Continuous Air Flow

60 L / Min

Length of   Machine

1450 mm

Width of   Machine

1050 mm

Max. Height of   Machine

2180 mm

Min. Height of   Machine

1980 mm

Roughness of   Finishing

Ra 0.6

Package Size (   L×D×H )

1620×1040×2200 mm


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1200 Kg



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